Best dentist hammersmith

Price List

ConsultationPrice (£)
Examination, X-rays, treatment plan and discussion£80
Routine maintenance examination£45
Children (under 18s) routine examinationNo charge
Small set of X-rays£35
Panoramic (OPG) X-ray£70


Hygiene visitsPrice (£)
Routine 45 minute appointment£73
Routine 30 minute children’s appointment£49


Restorations Price (£)
White fillings (depending on size and position)£120- £250
Crowns, Bridges, Inlays and Veneers£760 per tooth
Implant Restoration£1200 per tooth


DenturesPrice (£)
Full upper and lowerFrom £1200
Full upper or lowerFrom £700
Chrome cobalt precision partial dentureFrom £1000
Acrylic partial denture (depending on size)£250 – £800
Mouth Guard



Periodontal TreatmentsPrice (£)
Full periodontal assessment (including X-rays)£160
Non-surgical periodontal treatment (per quadrant)£265
Surgical periodontal treatment sessionFrom £650
Regeneration of periodontal bone defectsFrom £450
Surgical treatment of gingival recessionsFrom £550
Aesthetic crown lengthening/”Gummy Smile” treatment

£650 per quadrant

Re-assessment session


Supportive periodontal treatment (Periodontal maintenance)


Periimplantitis surgical treatment

From £800


Implant TreatmentsPrice (£)
Initial assessment£80
Treatment plan presentation and discussionNo charge
Complex case assessment and planning£250
Implant placementFrom £1300
2nd stage (healing abutment placement)£150 per abutment
Regenerative procedures/bone graft using biomaterials and membrane

From £750

Sinus lift procedure including bone grafting materials (lateral window technique)

£1500 per side

Osteotome sinus lift procedure

From £450

Review appointment during treatment

No charge


ExtractionsPrice (£)
SimpleFrom £150
Complex (surgical extraction)From £200
Wisdom toothFrom £250


Endodontic treatments

Price (£)
Initial consultation£80
Incisors and premolars (simple)£660
Incisors and premolars (complex)£760
Molars (simple)£850
Molars (complex)£950
Post / fractured instruments removal


Review appointment during treatment

No Charge


Tooth grinding, headaches and snoringPrice (£)
Michigan/Tanner splint (night guard)£450
Snoring appliance£450


Intra-venous SedationPrice (£)
Anaesthetistfrom £250 per hour


Insomnia TherapyPrice (£)
3 hour session£300


Cancelled AppointmentsPrice (£)
Cancelled appointmentsNo charge for 24 hour notice or £150 per hour