Do You Live In Chiswick? Here Are 5 Reasons To Visit Us

Are you looking for a new dental practice in London, but unsure how to even begin looking? In this blog, we’ll be talking about why you should consider becoming a patient of our friendly and welcoming dental practice.

I’m looking for a dentist near me – why 92 Dental?

92 Dental is a multi-disciplinary practice, where you can have all your needs met under one roof. We care for patients from all around London, including the Hammersmith and Chiswick areas. Say goodbye to needing to Google search ‘’Where is there a reputable dentist near me?’’ because you’ve found one here with us at 92 Dental.    

Distinction in dental implants

Are you living in the Chiswick area and looking for a dentist to perform dental implants? We’ve placed thousands of implants for patients in this area, who come and see us at our Hammersmith-based dental practice. Our implant dentists are extremely adept at carrying out this life-changing treatment. The level of skill that accompanies our dentists’ experience isn’t just what sets them apart. They understand the importance of diligent treatment planning, leaving absolutely nothing to chance – every outcome is planned for. Aftercare is also a big part of the implants process at 92 Dental; with good aftercare and monitoring, the already unlikely chance of implant failure can remain extremely low. Dental implants might be suitable if you:
  • Have enough healthy jawbone to support implants. If we find this isn’t the case after a CT scan, we can perform a bone graft to build up sufficient, healthy bone.
  • Would like to replace removable dentures with a more secure alternative.
  • Would like a permanent answer to missing teeth.

Composite bonding mastery

We love repairing smiles, and one of the least invasive ways of doing so, is with composite bonding. As composite bonding gives dentists the freedom to layer composite resin one small piece at a time, it’s the perfect way to achieve an extremely accurate and natural-looking result for patients. Composite bonding might be suitable if you:
  • Have cracked or chipped a tooth.
  • Would like to close a small gap between your teeth.
  • Would like to improve the shade of individual teeth. Darkening on individual teeth can occur after a root canal or if a tooth has previously suffered from decay.
  • Feel self-conscious about an individual tooth or teeth and it’s stopping you from smiling as much as you would like to.
  Over the last few years, composite bonding has soared in popularity, giving patients a viable alternative to more invasive treatment options like veneers. The composite bonding process takes away the need to remove any of your natural tooth structure, which also means no drilling or anaesthetic is necessary. Veneers treatment is its more invasive counterpart, as it does require the removal of some of the tooth, so that the veneer can be affixed to the front of the tooth, and be the same thickness as its neighbours.   If you’re still weighing up your options for repairing a tooth in need of some TLC, read our blog The Pros and Cons of Composite Bonding here.  

Experts in treating gum disease

Should you require intervention for treating and managing gum disease, we’ve got you covered. We’re very proud to have the periodontal expertise of Dr Ruben Garcia at the practice, who has a wide-ranging experience covering regenerative periodontal surgery, non-surgical periodontal treatment, periodontal aesthetic surgery (such as treating gummy smiles) and bone augmentation procedures.   You may need treatment for gum disease if you:
  • Regularly experience bleeding gums when you brush or floss.
  • You consistently have bad breath.
  • Your gums are sore or inflamed (characterized by puffiness and a darker shade of red). Healthy gums should be pink and firm.
  • You have loose teeth or your teeth have shifted out of position.
  Once gum disease has been picked up upon, we can begin to plan how to approach your treatment, depending on the severity of the condition. The periodontal pockets around your teeth will be measured with a state-of-the-art probe and a full set of X-rays will be taken, to establish if any bone has been lost. If we find there is plaque lingering in your pockets that needs to be removed, we will remove this and keep a close eye on your gum health in the months afterwards, to make sure it doesn’t swiftly return. Part of the treatment we offer includes educating and re-educating patients about how to look after their teeth and gums once treatment has been given. Our periodontal team are personable individuals who are trained in how to communicate with patients, with a view to helping them implement better nutritional habits, improved brushing and flossing technique, and a healthier outlook on their oral health.  

Fixed and removable brace options for patients coming to us from Chiswick

Here at 92 Dental, we’re very fortunate to have the expertise of Dr Gavin Mack, who has over 22 years of experience in orthodontics and has treated and supervised over 3000 complex cases. During your consultation, we will be able to let you know whether a fixed or removable appliance best suits your individual case. We offer both conventional metal braces and the world-class clear aligner system from Invisalign.   You may wish to consider orthodontic treatment with us if you:
  • Have been feeling self-conscious about the way your teeth look.
  • Would like to straighten your teeth to benefit the health of your smile. Having straighter teeth means you’ll be able to clean all surfaces more efficiently when you brush and floss.
  • Have been putting off treatment for a while because of the limited brace options out there (this is no longer the case in 2022!)

Professional teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the simplest ways of improving the appearance of all of your teeth at once. Our award-winning dental practice offers advanced, market-leading teeth whitening treatments to brighten stained teeth.   In addition to our standard teeth whitening system from dentist-approved whitening brand Novon, we offer the crème de la crème in whitening technology – Enlighten. This globally popular treatment is capable of whitening your teeth by up to 16 shades.   Both of the treatments we offer use custom-made whitening trays, making the process completely safe and tailored to you. Read more about teeth whitening at 92 Dental here.   You may wish to consider professional teeth whitening if:
  • You feel self-conscious about your tooth shade when you smile.
  • You’re looking for a dentist-supervised, safe way to whiten your teeth.
  • You’d like to improve your dating and career prospects. A study of 2000 participants conducted by Oral B found that the majority considered white teeth as more attractive and made for a more professional appearance in the work place.

Are you based in Chiswick and looking for a dentist near you? Contact us

If you’re a patient with us at 92 Dental and you would like to book an appointment, please contact us at your convenience on 020 8748 1381.   We’re also currently accepting new patients register with us, (firstly, welcome!). Please contact our new patient telephone number, which you can find hereWe look forward to your visit.

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