Specialist Level Dentistry – Endodontic Treatment in Hammersmith

What is Endodontics, or Root Canal Treatment?

The aim of Root Canal Treatment (also known as Endodontic treatment) is to save a tooth that has been badly damaged due to decay, disease or injury. This is achieved by cleaning out any debris and infected tissue inside the tooth and then sealing it.

X-Rays of a Tooth before and after Root Canal Treatment

Poor quality root canal needs to be rectified

Root canal is redone and tooth is restored

Why choose 92 Dental to have Root Canal Treatment?

General dentists are trained to perform Root Canal Treatment, but it is often best to seek out a dentist with a Special interest in Endodontics or Specialist Endodontist.

92 Dental’s Root Canal Treatments are handled by:

Dr Boryana Nikolova

Dentist with Special Interest in Endodontics

Angelo Zavattini


When do you need Root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal Treatment is often the best course of treatment if a tooth is severely damaged by trauma, gum disease, or a deep cavity.

What happens when you have Root Canal Treatment at 92 Dental?

Root Canal Treatment comprises of a consultation and the actual treatment involves the cleaning out of the inside of the tooth and subsequently sealing the tooth.

During the initial consultation, the dentist will examine the tooth and test the tooth’s sensitivity in order to clarify the exact nature of the patient’s dental problem. X-rays will also be taken to ascertain whether Root Canal Treatment will allow the complete restoration of the tooth.

During the first two procedures, local anaesthetic will be given to block any pain that may occur. Root Canal Treatment is generally a pain free procedure, and the local anaesthetic will ensure that this is the case. A thin sheet of latex called a rubber dam is used to isolate the tooth and keep it clean and dry during treatment.

To the pulp (nerve space) of the tooth the dentist will make a small opening in the tooth. The dentist will then use specialised instruments to remove the infected tissue and disinfect the root canal space. Medication might be put inside the root canals to manage any remaining bacteria.

After another round of the disinfection protocol the root canal system is then sealed with a root filling.

Although Root Canal Treatments have a reputation for being unpleasant for the patient, the procedure is actually painless. A Root Canal Treatment visit usually take an hour and a half or two.

Finally, the tooth will be fully restored with a Crown or Filling. This will prevent the tooth from breaking down and will protect it from reinfection. The root canal treatment will be reviewed in one year with a radiograph.

Root Canal Treatment Case Study

Before RC Treatment

Two teeth in need of endodontic (root canal) treatment. The tooth to the left has short and incomplete root fillings (white material down the roots) and established infection (dark areas) around the tip of its roots. The other tooth is heavily filled and was painf

After RC Treatment

After treatment: densely filled root canals appearing like long white material down the roots of these teeth all the way to the tip. The infection in the jaw, the dark areas, have healed around the tooth on the left. The other tooth has been crowned to protect it.

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