Mouth Guards

What is a mouth guard?

A mouth guard is a small protective device, made out of rubber, which fits over the front teeth and gums, shielding them from impact.

They are also commonly called “gum shields”.

You will have likely seen them worn by sports people if you watch rugby, boxing or hockey.

The mouth guards that you wear for protection in sport differs to the sleeping appliances that are worn to prevent tooth-grinding (bruxism). Whereas night-time appliances are made out of acrylic, mouth guards are made out of a softer rubber material.

There are a wide range of mouth guards on offer, many of which you can custom fit to your mouth at home.

These mouth guards are not as precisely fitted as one’s made by a dentist. They are also made with cheaper and less durable materials.

They therefore do not offer the same level of protection as dentist made mouth guards.

Mouth guards should be cleaned with a toothbrush after every use in order to maintain good oral hygiene.

Who should be wearing a mouth guard?

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