Selecting Invisalign & Implants Treatments In Fulham 

Invisalign and dental implants are two of the most popular treatments we offer here at our dental practice in Hammersmith, and both have the potential to be life-changing. Here at 92 Dental, these treatments are completely tailored to you and planned and performed using the very best practices and equipment. Read more about dental treatment at 92 Dental below.  

Dental implants in Hammersmith

Dental implants are considered as the premium in tooth replacement treatment, and with the correct care they can be permanent. They’re small titanium posts that are surgically inserted into your jawbone and provide an unparalleled level of aestheticism and function.

Why dental implants?

Reasons to choose implants as a means of replacing missing tooth include:

They look and feel like a real tooth: as dental implants are securely anchored to your jawbone, they behave like real teeth and provide a solid foundation for a restoration such as a crown, denture or bridge. This means that when you chew and speak, it will feel natural, and you won’t have to worry about slipping or shrinking dentures.

They protect your jawbone health: when dental implants fuse with your jawbone, they offer it the support it needs to stay strong. Meanwhile, non-implant secured tooth replacement treatments like traditional bridges and dentures don’t offer this protection, and can cause facial collapse.

They protect your oral health: missing teeth put you at higher risk of cavities and gum disease, and make it more challenging to brush and floss efficiently. Dental implants can restore your smile and in turn, your oral health.

No more limits on the foods you eat: those with even a single missing tooth can experience difficulties with chewing their food – this is even worse for edentulous patients who have an extremely limited diet. Dental implants rebalance the biting forces in your mouth, so that you’re not putting unnecessary pressure on other teeth to break down foods. Post-treatment, you won’t have to put limitations on eating tougher and stickier foods that would previously have been off limits.

Why choose 92 Dental for implants treatment?

Our implant surgeons have placed thousands of implants and have worked in practices across London for over 15 years. They measure their success on how far their treatment goes to improve your wellbeing, whether this is increased confidence, a renewed ability to enjoy foods, or avoiding the need for future invasive and complex treatment. Our team have honed their skills and use only the best technology and treatment techniques to deliver your dental implants treatment. They also possess extensive post-graduate training in periodontics (the diagnosis and treatment of gum disease) and can perform any necessary treatment to address advanced gum disease before you are ready to get an implant. Many patients from the Fulham area of London attend our practice and have benefitted greatly from implants treatment at 92 Dental here in Hammersmith.

Invisalign at 92 Dental   

Invisalign clear aligners are a globally popular orthodontic treatment that discreetly move your teeth into a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing position. Well-structured teeth are not only more beautiful, but easier to look after and less prone to problems like gum disease and tooth decay.

Why Invisalign?

Reasons to choose Invisalign clear aligners to straighten your teeth include:

They’re subtle: the custom-made aligners are made from a smooth transparent plastic, which means others might not even notice you’re even wearing them.

They work around you: one of the prominent reason Invisalign have become so popular with adults is they’re highly flexible. You’re able to take them out (without compromising your treatment) to brush, floss and eat just as you would when you’re not having treatment.

Predictable results: thanks to the SmartStaging technology incorporated as part of treatment, we will be able to tell you the precise movements your teeth will go through during treatment before you begin the aligner-wearing period. We’ve found this provides strong motivation for our patients, who feel exited and determined to go ahead with treatment, thanks to seeing the amazing results before they start.

Why choose 92 Dental for Invisalign treatment?

Here at our Hammersmith dental practice, we’re very fortunate to have the expertise of Dr Gavin Mack, who has over 22 years of experience in orthodontics and has treated and supervised over 3000 complex cases. Whilst Invisalign is suited to complex cases, we are also able to use it to address minor issues. During your consultation, we will be able to let you know which type of orthodontic appliance best suits your case. If you’re keen to have a cosmetically discreet brace, in addition to Invisalign we also offer lingual braces and ceramic braces.

More reasons to choose 92 Dental

If you’re looking to have Invisalign or dental implants treatment here are a few more reasons to choose 92 Dental:

  • We guarantee that all our laboratory work will last for 5 years, though in reality this is much longer than that.
  • A dedication to constantly ensuring that all our equipment is of the highest specification.
  • All treatments are discussed in detail with you and estimates are supplied.
  • We’ve not only been serving the Hammersmith community, but patients across the Fulham, Shepherd’s Bush and Kensington areas of London, and value relationships based on trust and integrity.

Find out more about choosing a quality dentist around the Fulham area of London here.

If you are currently a patient at 92 Dental and you would like to book an appointment, please contact us at your convenience on 020 8748 1381. If you’re a new patient who would like to register with us, (firstly, welcome!) and secondly, please contact our new patient telephone number, which you can find here. We look forward to your visit.


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