The Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is one of the most straightforward and transformative cosmetic dental treatments in existence. With healthy brushing and flossing habits and a sensible diet, the effects of teeth whitening treatment can last multiple years, and the benefits go much further than just improving the shade of your teeth. Thanks to teeth whitening, many patients find confidence in their smile grows, and they learn to cultivate better oral hygiene habits post-treatment. Today, we’re looking at the benefits of teeth whitening and what you can expect from teeth whitening treatment here at our Hammersmith dental practice. 

What causes tooth discolouration? 

At some stage in life, everyone’s teeth sustain some degree of discolouration – it’s inevitable as you grow older and not necessarily a reflection of your oral hygiene habits and routine. However, there are several things that can accelerate discolouration, including the following:

Eating teeth-staining food and drink: we all know the drinks that stains our clothes (think red wine, coffee and Cola), and sauces that include pigments such as soy sauce and balsamic vinegar are also culprits. Given that these examples of drink and food stain clothes, think what they do when they regularly come into contact with your teeth. Over time, the consumption of tooth-staining food and drink takes its toll.

Failing to brush regularly: failing to brush twice a day for the recommended two minutes (especially if you have been consuming tooth-staining beverages and food), will gradually discolour your teeth. The wrong brushing technique can also let you down – your dentist at 92 Dental can demonstrate how to get the best out of your brushing and flossing during your routine dentist appointments if you would like some advice.

Smoking: smoking is widely known to cause discolouration because of the combined nicotine and tar.

Other factors: certain medications, eating too frequently and failing to drink enough water are other reasons teeth become prematurely discoloured.

Teeth whitening: the benefits

Personalised treatment

The most important point to note about professional teeth whitening is that it’s personalised. Unlike over-the-counter whitening treatment, professional whitening systems use whitening trays that have been custom made for your smile. This is achieved by taking impressions (or moulds) of your teeth, which are used to create your whitening trays. 

Ill-fitting whitening trays can result in an uneven whitening result, and tooth sensitivity, since your teeth risk coming into contact with the whitening agent. The EnlightenTM and White Dental BeautyTM systems used by us here in Hammersmith, employ solely the use of custom trays, so you can be sure treatment is 100% safe and effective.

Your confidence restored

There’s no doubt that having an unsightly smile can cause a lull in your confidence. In fact, 67% of Brits say their confidence in public is, or would be affected by badly discoloured teeth. When you’re showing off teeth you know look healthy, you’re far more likely to feel relaxed and happy.

Feeling dissatisfied with your teeth because they’ve become discoloured can trigger a reduced desire to smile, which can even have consequences on your wellbeing. When we smile, serotonin is created (the chemical responsible for happiness), so it’s no surprise that when we stop smiling so often, the release of these chemicals is affected. Research has shown that even forcing ourselves to smile can have a positive effect on serotonin production. So with this in mind, teeth whitening can serve as a way to bring more happiness into your life, as well as a means to improve the appearance of your teeth. 

Setting you on the path to a healthier smile

Post-treatment, many people find they’re inspired to maintain the results of treatment and commit to better dietary habits and a more rigorous oral hygiene routine. It can be tough to find the motivation to change your lifestyle when your teeth are discoloured, but after treatment, the new and beautiful results can serve as a reason to put time and effort into caring for your smile. In short, teeth whitening treatment gives you an opportunity to hit the ‘reset’ button on your smile.

Teeth whitening excellence with Enlighten’s EvolutionTM & White Dental Beauty

Here at 92 Dental, we offer two whitening systems from world-leading brands, Enlighten and White Dental Beauty. Both of these brands are suitable for those with sensitive teeth and during your appointment, your dentist will talk you through the benefits of each, to help you decide which system best suits your lifestyle.


This combination treatment is the only whitening system to guarantee a B1 shade, the whitest shade a person’s teeth can go. The treatment takes up to 4 weeks to complete at home, using a home kit (that includes your custom whitening trays), followed by a 40 minute in-chair surgical power-whitening session. The whitening agent is comprised of an active ingredient, which passes safely through your teeth’s enamel layer, and breaks down stains via chemical oxidation. The Enlighten system has an impressive 98% success rate.

White Dental BeautyTM  

This home-based whitening system uses low concentrations over a prolonged period (treatment takes longer than with the EnlightenTM system), and there is no in-chair whitening session that forms part of the treatment process. White Dental Beauty is powered by NOVONTM technology, a whitening compound that delivers fantastic results in less time than other at-home whitening systems. Typically, the whitening trays are worn overnight but shorter wear times of 30-120 minutes are also possible. Depending on the result you would like to achieve, treatment takes between 2-6 weeks. 

We’re proud to be serving the Fulham and Kensington areas of west London and offering tailored and safe teeth whitening treatment, designed to make you smile.

If you are interested in any of these tooth whitening treatments and based in the Hammersmith area of west London, please call our receptionist Jenny on 020 8748 1381. She will be happy to help discuss the possible courses of treatment with you.


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