Turkey Teeth – A Potential Nightmare Holiday

With the cost of living soaring and energy prices on the rise, it’s no wonder many people in the U.K are embracing dental tourism, travelling to countries such as Turkey for their dental treatment. Whilst there might appear to be numerous benefits to seeking certain treatments like veneers or dental implants overseas, it’s essential to consider the potential disadvantages too.

Educate yourself on the associated risks below and find out what to look for when choosing a dentist to perform your dental treatment.

Why might you choose to have your teeth done abroad?

The idea of having your teeth done abroad is a seductive one. Not only can you get treatment such as veneers and implants for cheaper than at a private dentist here in the U.K, but you can also combine this with a holiday too.

Social media has also influenced people to travel for dental care; many celebrities and influencers post the smile transformations they’ve undergone abroad, and naturally, people wish to emulate this. However, it’s most often the advantageous side of this that tends to make it onto your news feed, rather than the genuine dangers that this can pose.

So, what are the risks of travelling to get what’s being dubbed as “Turkey teeth”?

Dental tourism: know the risks

You may need treatment back home if a procedure goes wrong

Procedures such as dental implants are a long-term treatment, as a healing period is needed for your implants to integrate with your jaw bone, which can take between 3-6 months. During this time, there is a risk that implants may fail, though this is extremely low risk if you choose to have dental implants at a prestigious dental practice.

Unfortunately, as many clinics in countries like Turkey don’t partner with a leading implant brand in order to offer treatment at a lower cost, there is a chance that your body will reject the implant. In this scenario, you would need to seek treatment when you’re back in the U.K.

Choosing a dental practice with an experienced implant dentist from the outset means you won’t be at risk of having to pay twice for your dental treatment. You will also have the peace of mind that you’re in safe hands, from the consultation, planning stages and surgery right through to the placement of your brand new crown, bridge or dentures.

You may not be aware of what the procedure entails

As dental practices are subject to the rules set by the GDC, they must make patients aware of everything a treatment entails. As this is not necessarily the case in Turkey, you may not be told that veneers and crowns treatment involves quite a large portion of your tooth structure to be removed. In some cases, dentists in Turkey have been removing significant amounts of healthy tooth structure to place crowns, which are, first and foremost, a restorative treatment.

Here in the U.K, dentists will not remove large portions of healthy tooth structure for the sake of aesthetics. Here at 92 Dental, you will be fully briefed on what to expect from your chosen treatment.

Poor aesthetic result

A great dentist is a perfectionist when it comes to planning. They will use state-of-the-art facilities to create a restoration (whether that’s a crown or a veneer) that matches the shape, size and shade of your teeth.

Clinics in Turkey can charge less for their treatments as they use low-grade planning facilities and materials to achieve the end result. This means you could end up with a result you’re unhappy with, which can be really upsetting and detrimental to your confidence. Here at 92 Dental, your chosen treatment will be tailored entirely to your smile. We will study the anatomy of your smile so that your restoration is authentic-looking, durable and functional.

You might experience severe post-treatment symptoms

Many people aren’t aware of the shortcuts dentists in Turkey take to administer treatments. Rushing a treatment such as dental implants or a root canal can result in nerve damage to your tooth, intense sensitivity and even problems with how your teeth bite together. Fortunately, there are cases where these symptoms can be reversed, but as dentists who really care about our patients, we would rather you were spared from suffering these kinds of symptoms in the first instance.

How do I choose a reputable dentist?

Here are a few pointers to note when you’re on a mission to find a respected dental practice to care for your smile:

Check their Nervous Patients page

You can deduce a lot from a dental practice by reading about their approach to taking care of nervous patients. Have a read of the Nervous Patients section of their website to see whether they offer services such as sedation and note the kind of language they use when talking about their philosophy around dental phobia.

Read the patient reviews

This is an obvious piece of advice, but it’s still worth reiterating. Read through multiple reviews to get a sense of how patients of the practice and make sure they have recently been posted.

Read the dentist profiles

Look up the qualifications the principal dentist at the practice has, as this will give you an idea of how advanced their training is. If a dental practice has specialists listed as part of its team, this is also a good indicator of quality, as specialists have undergone extensive training in a specific field. Here at 92 Dental, we’re proud to have 2 specialists working with us.

If you are considering travelling to Turkey for dental treatment, whether for a root canal, veneers, implants or crowns, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need some advice on the pros and cons. This will hopefully put you in a position to make an informed decision about how to proceed.

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