Dental Implants



What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the best way to replace a missing tooth or teeth. The implant is a substitute for a natural root onto which we build a crown. This results in a natural looking fixed tooth. The alternatives to dental implants are to replace the tooth or teeth with either a bridge or a denture.

We believe dental implants are superior to bridges or dentures because the latter two solutions compromise your ability to clean the teeth that surround your newly replaced tooth. A dental implant is structurally equivalent to a natural tooth, so in no way interferes with the other teeth in your mouth. This eliminates both the discomfort associated with dentures, and the compromised oral hygiene that can occur when you have a dental bridge.

The dental implant is made out of sterile titanium and is similar in shape to the root of a tooth. If placed in the jaw under the correct conditions, bone will treat the sterile titanium implant as native bone and grows around it. We call this phenomenon “osseointegration”. The osseointegrated implant is functionally equivalent to the root of a tooth. We use this as the foundation for your newly crafted tooth.

Implants are precision engineered from titanium and require several components that fit together to achieve the final result. Our implant surgeons are dentists with additional postgraduate training in implant dentistry. At 92 Dental, our implant surgeon Dr Moira Baldiraghi  has completed her Post-Graduate Diploma in Implant Dentistry with the Faculty of General Dental Practice.

Book an implant consultation with our implant surgeon Dr Moira Baldiraghi here, or call our receptionist Jenny on 020 8748 1381.

When do you need a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are an excellent solution for anyone who is missing a tooth or multiple teeth. This includes teeth that have been lost due to trauma, disease or long-term decay.

The success rate for dental implants is 98.2%. They have been shown to be equally successful in old and young people. Implants are therefore are a viable alternative to dentures for the elderly.

What happens when you have a Dental Implant at 92 Dental?

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All treatments at 92 Dental are subject to an initial consultation where we confirm that the treatment undertaken is the optimal one for you. All steps of the treatment, and fees, are discussed at this consultation.

As dental implants involve a surgical procedure, we take note of any pre-existing conditions and medications taken, as well as giving antibiotic cover before surgery. Implants have been shown to be marginally less successful in smokers so it is best to moderate smoking habits at least for a week or two after having the implants placed.

The steps that need to be taken when getting dental implants varies from patient to patient. All patients will require a surgical procedure to insert the titanium “root” implant into the jaw. This will usually be done under local anaesthetic, however other anaesthetic options will be available to patients who request it.

The implanted root will need to be crowned with an artificial tooth at a later date. This is a non-surgical procedure.

When placing the implants we work in a sterile environment. Preparation of the surgery for each procedure requires intensive cleaning and disinfection to achieve hospital operating theatre standards.

The wait between the placement of the titanium “root” to the full restoration of the tooth can take from 6 weeks to 9 months depending on how much bone is available and whether bone augmentation is required. Where the cosmetic appearance is important we routinely fit a temporary bridge until the implant is restored. In some cases, where conditions are absolutely perfect, newly placed implants can be crowned immediately.

How much do Dental Implants cost at 92 Dental?

The initial consultation with our implant surgeon costs £135.

We charge £1300 for the placement of the titanium implant, which acts as the root of the tooth. In some cases, additional bone forming may be required and there will be an additional cost.

The final restoration, where we build a crafted tooth and attach it to the osseointegrated implant costs £1200 per tooth.

Further costs can apply for any further procedures that may occur during your implant treatment. This may include extraction of a tooth that needs replacing or a bone graft. For a full breakdown of our treatment prices please click here.

The treatment you need will be explained in full during your initial consultation, along with the full costs involved.

If you think that a dental implant(s) may improve your smile, please book a consultation with Dr Moira Baldiraghi here, or call our receptionist Jenny on 020 8748 1381.